Fényképem helye.

Richárd Szabó

Ph.D. in Informatics

Address: Hungary, Szigetszentmiklós, 2310, Tebe sor 61.
richard_szabo@nospam.invitel.hu (clear nospam)

For more up-to-date projects see this page (in Hungarian).

The aim of my research is the analysis and synthesis of autonomous systems. My main interest is focused on the simulation of adaptive behavior in mobile robots and insect-like multi agent systems. I also investigate artificial intelligence (neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, reinforcement learning) as a method for mobile robot controlling.

The primary experimentation environment I use is the Webots mobile robot simulator from Cyberbotics Ltd., Switzerland. After I was the runner up of the 1st Artificial Life Creators Contest organized by Cyberbotics Ltd. in 1999, I won the second contest in 2000 and obtained the simulator license as the first prize.
For multi agent experiments I use Repast.

The current research deals with the creation and the usage of cognitive map and the navigation of robots and ants. In case of robots I compare the usefulness of metric and topological map building approaches using probabilistic environment desriptions, especially occupancy grid. In case of ants I focus on the information content of the environment and its transfer among food foraging ants.

I was the co-organizor of the Budapest University and Technology 2nd 24 hour programming contest in 2002.

I also created a French-Hungarian electronic dictionary which is in use at SZTAKI.

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